Tai-Chi Chuan is the classic oriental method of exercise for health, self-defense and spiritual growth. Tai-Chi Chuan is meditation in motion, graceful in movement, slow in tempo and fluid in natural postures.

For centuries, Tai Chi has been a daily prescription for health and longevity. Based on the laws of nature, Tai Chi emphasizes balance, breath control, correct posture, visual and mental concentration, and above all, complete relaxation. Tai Chi harmonizes the energy processes within the body and integrates mind and body to place man in the natural order of the universe.

Soft & Gentle Exercise for Your Health.

Taught by Kenzo Dozono: Shihan (Master) Kenzo Dozono is the first and last person to whom a master's ranking has been given in the western world by Grand master Yang Ming Shi.

Our ultimate goal is to make you younger and feel good.